|| | |  MOVING SALE  | | ||

The Michael Jeremy Gallery is moving to sunny San Diego in May/June 2014 and we can't take all these paintings with us, so we're having a HUGE SALE!

All available paintings are 40%, 50%, and 60% off based on size (Small, Medium, and Large respectively).  

To purchase a painting, please contact jeremybonsol@gmail.com for details.


Chicago-native, Jeremy Bonsol, majored in microbiology at the Univ of Iowa.  He didn't pick up a paint brush until a couple years ago.  He's never taken an art class in his life.  "I paint stuff that I think would look good on my walls," he says.  Taking risks and trying new things has led him to this.  Jeremy is now the premiere new artist to hit the Chicago art scene. His works adorn the walls of offices, apartments, and homes across America.  The debut of The Arbor Collection in 2007 has since grown to become the most popular works in his collection.